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3rd November 1967

Who + Traffic + Herd + Marmalade + Tremeloes

Kingston Granada

A trip to Granada, Kingston in November 1967 must have been a mystic-psychadelic walk on the wild side:

Who: ‘I Can See For Miles’

Traffic: ‘Hole in My Shoe’

Herd: ‘From the Underworld’ 

Tremeloes: ‘Silence is Golden’

Marmalade: ‘I See the Rain’ (Hendrix’s fave single of the year)

Even if clouded with sorrow and sarcasm, each band seemed to be fundamentally shaped by LSD, Sgt P. & that ‘Summer of Love’.

Compere, Ray Cameron is worth a special mention. Back then he was a quick-fire stand up. He went on to co-write and produce Clive Dunn’s 'Grandad'.  We now know him as Michael McIntyre’s father. Click for his appearance on Jokers Wild. Recommended.

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